Accessone Blog | What can travel companies do now to prepare for a post-COVID future?

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What can travel companies do now to prepare for a post-COVID future?

22. October 2020 01:46 by Administrator in Internet Booking Engine, Travel News

We are living in unprecedented times where travel companies are fighting for survival. Even though the industry has lived through “catastrophic” events like 9/11, the Iceland volcano, or even the zika virus, the impact has never been this wide and long-lasting.

The impact is visible for all to see, from grounded airplanes to empty airports, rails, hotels, and tourist areas. The rippling effects have been across the entire industry from leisure to business and beyond.

While nobody can predict the future any better than the world’s medical experts, now is the best time for travel companies to think about how to prepare for a post-COVID future. Travel is an essential part of people’s lives and regardless if the recovery takes months or years, there should be no doubt that the travel industry will come out better and stronger than before.

While we could focus on several areas, the following five (5) areas are becoming critical right now:

Online presence will become essential for travel companies

COVID has forced more and more customers to use the internet be it for shopping, entertainment, research, and travel is no exception. While the traditional travel stores and shops have seen foot traffic decrease, online agencies are surviving and growing during these difficult times. Crippling lockdowns have left many travel companies stuck with expenses for leases, utilities, and staff with no revenue. The worse part is that as per the latest news, more lockdowns may be coming down the pipe. Having an online presence not only reduces the expense but offers a 24x7 channel for your customers to research and purchase travel offerings. Invest in the latest technologies like an online internet booking engine for your website to offer a fast solution with all your content with detailed information for the consumer.

Changes in consumer behavior

Consumers have become more informed due to COVID. From identifying the areas that are safe (or not safe) to travel to finding travel restrictions, travel bubbles, visa restrictions, etc., more and more consumers are using the internet to find answers. Consumers are also finding amazing deals for travel suppliers who are offering deals to attract consumers. Travel companies need to be aware of this information and also make it available to their customers. Coupled with the fact that most consumers are no longer booking months in advance and waiting till the last minute, it is essential to be aware of what you can offer at the click of a button. Instead of relying on the GDS, you should offer your staff and outside agents a web-based booking tool that combines all the information in a single place.

Safety and hygiene will be a priority

Needless to say, safety and hygiene have become the number one priority for businesses and consumers alike. You would be hard-pressed to find someone without masks and hand sanitizers. Consumers will not travel to places where they see a surge in cases or to hotels/airlines that do not do enhanced cleaning or offer social distancing to protect the consumers. Consumers would rather spend more on safety and hygiene than risk their health.

Better and more engaged customer service

One of the first things that happened when COVID hit was the consumers tried canceling their reservations and asking for refunds. Most travel companies and suppliers were not prepared to handle such requests or volumes. Consumers are now demanding to clearly know change and cancel policies and the travel suppliers are also offering flexible options too. It is very important for you to communicate these to the customers.

Green and eco-friendly tourism

More and more travelers are preferring to travel to less-crowded places. This has led to more green and eco-friendly tourism. Travelers are looking for more activities they can enjoy in small groups rather than be in a packed location with a higher chance of infection. Travel companies need to be aware of this change and have offers for places that offer green and eco-friendly tourism.

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