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8 essential things to check for an advanced hotel API

28. February 2020 21:46 by Administrator in Travel API

Differentiate your business with an advanced hotel API

A large volume of hotel bookings takes place daily as travelers like to book their stay in advance. Despite knowing the present demand for hotels, if you have still not taken the right step to grow your travel business, now is the time to introduce an advanced hotel API. Here, in this blog, we are trying to shed light on how an advanced hotel API can create an impact on your business. Later, we will discuss the hotel API features, benefits, and essential things to check while selecting a hotel API for travel business, and the need for contacting the best hotel API provider.

How does an advanced hotel API create an impact on your business?

A next-generation hotel API integration allows access to a vast hotel inventory from a standard range of suppliers, across all products including GDSs, wholesalers, hotel chains, aggregators, and channel managers. Its integration can empower a travel business by providing standard hotel content including comprehensive hotel descriptions like room types, facilities, and images. Such rich hotel content is usually unavailable.

An advanced hotel API easily serves different online travel agencies, travel agents, tour operators, hotels and travel management companies around the world.

Why an advanced hotel API is a must?

Travel companies should search for an advanced hotel API which can help them show valuable content. This can contribute to generating more business. Some features of an advanced hotel API are presented below:

  • Fully flexible
  • Easy to integrate
  • Robust & scalable
  • Improve travel booking applications
  • Multi-language support
  • Real-time integrations

Remember not to miss the benefits of an advanced hotel API

There are certain benefits of integrating an advanced hotel API on travel websites, we have discussed a few of them here:     

  • Travel companies can save a lot of time as hotel API providers ensure strong back-end support.
  • An advanced hotel API brings services from nearly all major hotel service providers.
  • There is no requirement for any minimum deposits and balance maintenance.
  • The diversified hotel content can bring favorable results by increasing profit possibilities.

8 essential things to check while selecting an advanced hotel API

  • Prices must be economical or competitive.
  • A hotel API should cover hotel content from all the major GDSs, wholesalers, hotel chains, and aggregators to bring the best hotel content as advanced hotel API includes all categories of hotels like a local lodge, guest house, 3 stars, 5 stars, and more.
  • If hotel descriptions like address, ratings, images, features, and reviews can be shown through a hotel API, it would be favorable for business as customers want to get well-informed before they book hotels.
  • There should be proper control over the supplier content by allowing changes timely without any effect on integration.
  • The database should be regularly updated to reflect any new changes in hotel prices and availability.
  • A hotel API must support content mapping that will help bring the priority content at the forefront without any similar content.
  • If features like caching and tokenization are in-built in a hotel API, it gives fast and easy access to hotel content while reducing data transfer sizes.

Why should you contact the best hotel API provider?

In order to avoid the challenging situations that may occur due to market competition, travel companies should look for the best hotel API provider. There are many third-party API providers available in the market; however, rich hotel content can only be obtained through an advanced hotel API. With this in mind, travel businesses must make sure they are contacting the right hotel API provider.

Which company is outperforming others in terms of hotel API?

Among various hotel APIs available in the market, one of the most trusted and highly advanced hotel API is from AccessOne.

AccessOne hotel API covers a wide range of hotels and aggregates the content to provide unbeatable hotel booking deals. Your customers can make selections from a variety of hotels in different locations. They can check pricing and availability from multiple suppliers all through a single API.

We have an experienced team of professionals that is fond of introducing the latest features in our hotel API. This helps us adapt to your systems seamlessly so that you can serve your customers in a better way.

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