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Accessone Blog The Airline Reservation System is a web-based Airline booking engine that is used to conduct flight bookings. It involves Airline schedules, fare tariffs, passenger reservations, and PNRs. In simple terms, the Airline booking system helps passengers book flights by checking flights- schedules, pricing/fares, and seat availability.

Get a powerful B2B booking engine to outrank your competitors

12. February 2020 17:34 by Administrator in Internet Booking Engine

Expect a major shift in business with an advanced B2B booking engine

Travel companies have come across a huge change in the last few years and expect a major change in the coming years as well. Besides the evolution of several travel industry tools, B2B booking portals have also become a powerful source to grow travel business. Travel companies can sell their own special fares under a B2B module. Some B2B booking portals come with highly advanced features that help manage agent networks easily. Here in this post, we will discuss some of the extraordinary features of a B2B booking portal, benefits, and factors to check while selecting the right B2B booking portal.

Access an advanced B2B booking engine to grow agent network

A dependable B2B booking portal allows adding agents easily and grows the agent network. It allows increased markups by providing complete control over the product; therefore, travel agents can assign region-wise markups to their agents. Travel agents can access or control agent networks with the help of advanced agent settings. A travel agent booking engine allows managing a vast agent network from anywhere with ease.

5 remarkable features of a B2B booking engine

Access to rich content

An advanced B2B booking portal gives access to optional ancillary content that is usually unavailable.

Simplify complex itineraries

There are features that can simplify booking complex itineraries which can save time and effort.

Improve agent potential

A B2B booking engine allows your agents to sell your products without the need for any specific training.

Diversified content

A B2B booking engine allows shopping across multiple source content from wholesalers, GDSs, consolidators, and other channel partners.

Multi-language support

A B2B portal has features that support multiple languages that can eliminate many language barriers.

4 benefits of a travel agent booking engine

  • Reduces functioning expenses for all connected agents.
  • Reduces order processing costs.
  • Reduces the cost of interacting with customers.
  • Easy data access and maintenance.

2 Key-factors to check in a B2B booking engine to avoid booking limitations

Travel companies can buy an advanced B2B booking engine for airline ticket booking or hotel booking. We are presenting some factors that should be considered for selecting a state-of-the-art B2B portal.

Specialized B2B booking engine

A B2B booking portal should have sufficient features to provide extra perks to a travel business. It should contribute to meeting customer expectations.

Discounts and offers

In air ticket booking or hotel booking, travelers generally look for discounts and offers. The B2B booking engine that can bring the best travel deals for customers, can help build customer trust. With such a B2B portal, travel companies can improve agent networks also, as agents are more attracted to portals where they can offer customized plans with better profit possibilities.  


Looking for an excellent B2B booking platform?

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