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Accessone Blog The Airline Reservation System is a web-based Airline booking engine that is used to conduct flight bookings. It involves Airline schedules, fare tariffs, passenger reservations, and PNRs. In simple terms, the Airline booking system helps passengers book flights by checking flights- schedules, pricing/fares, and seat availability.

Airline reservation system: All you need to know

13. August 2019 00:02 by Administrator in Internet Booking Engine

What is Airline reservation system?

The airline reservation system is a web-based flight booking engine that is used to conduct flight bookings. It involves Airline schedules, fare tariffs, passenger reservations, and PNRs. In simple terms, the Airline booking system helps passengers book flights by checking flights-schedules, pricing/fares, and seat availability.
The flight booking engine is specially designed for travel agencies to simplify the booking process and help their travelers book a one-way, round-trip, and multi-destinations on a single platform.
An airline booking engine also shows dynamic packages like airline + hotel, hotels + holiday packages, and hotels + cars. It is capable of conducting countless transactions related to bookings in very less time.

Importance of Airline reservation system

Flight booking segment of travel sector have some procedural complexities that require time and money. It has to deal with various concerns related to fares, schedules, rules, taxes, cancellations, and regional limits. Therefore, an effective flight reservation system is needed to reduce these limitations.
The main purpose of a travel reservation site cannot be fulfilled without an effective flight booking system. Travel companies need the proper airline reservation system to search and book flights for customers so that they can travel to various destinations around the World.  The volumes of Air bookings are conducted through the flight booking engine and some of the attributes that reflect its importance are given below.

  • You can quickly book required flights with the help of flight search engines.
  • You can search for multiple destinations across the globe.
  • The airline booking engine is convenient to book flights anytime from anywhere.
  • Soon after online payment, PNR is generated.
  • Flight booking engine eliminates the manual errors and simplifies airline reservation process.
  • You can easily modify reservations or cancel them using Airline booking system.

What are the benefits of Flight reservation system?

In addition to faster execution, real-time flight schedules, fares, fare tariffs, or ease of booking, there are other benefits that make the flight reservation system even more convenient. Manual interventions are reduced with the internet-based reservation system. Some other benefits are discussed below.

  • Airline inventory management
  • Multi-GDS integration
  • 3rd Party Interface
  • Save money
  • Fast bookings
  • Proper reservation management
  • For B2C and B2B channels
  • For IATA & Non-IATA Agents
  • Mobile-friendly (Android & iOS)

How does the Airline reservation system benefit travel companies?

Airline reservation system helps travel companies grow their businesses by engaging more customers through effective flight search engines. The flight booking system allows the customers to access huge database and it is perfect for booking flights, dynamic packages, tours, and other travel activities. It is an effective solution for both B2B and B2C channels as it helps them make money from numerous flight bookings daily.
The flight booking system has necessary tools that benefit travel agencies, travel agents, tour operators, TMC(s), and other travel service providers in many ways.

Airline booking engine attributes that are helpful to travel entities

  • A built-in CRM
  • Markup controls
  • Proper user access management
  • Itinerary management controls
  • Pre-loaded travel content
  • SMS and Emailing capabilities
  • Generate invoicing and receipts
  • Other Scalable Features

What factors make a flight booking engine useful to travel companies?

Online travel agencies prefer Airline booking engine to conduct numerous bookings in an excellent way. Earlier travelers had to invest too much time in flight reservations as they had to visit Airline offices. However, the growing advancements have made the booking process very easy with the use of flight search engines. Some of the ways in which flight booking systems are useful to travel companies are discussed here:

  • Customizable design layout
  • Easy Integration into website
  • Markup and supplier commission settings
  • Choice to book multi-city flights/ multi stop-over with detailed fare summary
  • Sort & filter by various options, including departure time and layover duration
  • Facility to pull PNR and its details
  • Capability of storing traveler information for CRM
  • Produce financial reports and reservation reports
  • Options to view booking details
  • Print E-tickets

Top 10 Features of the Advanced Internet Booking Engine

  • Advanced search options
  • Fast online reservation facility
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Modernized Markup modules
  • Support customization
  • Multilingual support
  • Multicurrency support
  • Easy to Integrate
  • Flexible payments
  • Excellent Customer Service

How do travel agencies implement an internet booking engine?

Travel companies implement Internet-based Flight booking engine in two simple ways either they can get open XML API to have access to IBE or they take already built Internet booking engine.


XML API allows OTA(s) to build and grow their travel business in the way they want. With XML flight API they need well-experienced developers as different IBE providers use different formats that need skills to perform the proper implementation. This method allows easy 3rd party interactions that fulfill travel agencies’ needs of external services to enhance business. In this way, travel agencies introduce their own suppliers by simply integrating the needed flight booking API on their booking portals.

White label Internet booking engine

Another method to implement flight booking engine is with the help of IBE provider that has already integrated web applications into their IBE. This does not require any technical expertise or developer support. Travel agencies just need to customize business designs and layouts with it. This method helps them reduce development cost and bring speed to market.

Importance of 3rd party Flight booking API Integration on Airline booking engine

  • When travel companies integrate the third party flight API on their flight search engines, they bring best deals to their customers.
  • If you have a flight booking engine that functions well for your customers, you can make it even more valuable by integrating an advanced flight booking API.
  • Flight booking API integration helps you connect globally and allows your customers to compare and book the best flights. As a result, flight bookings increase that helps you make more money.
  • If your flight booking engine gets connected with the multiple GDS systems, direct-connect via advanced flight API, it brings better inventory and enhances your travel portal.
  • Integrated flight booking APIs bring competitive advantages to any travel business with the help of diversified flight data.

How does the flight-booking system work?

  • Airline reservation system helps in systematic management of bookings, schedules, fares, and customer info. It is now evolved as Computer Reservations System (CRS).
  • The flight reservation system involves inventory management, seat-availability display, fare quotes, reservation and tickets.
  • With the help of flight search engines, passengers search and select flights on desired schedule. They enter details like name, destination, dates and then make payment with bank cards or with the help of online payment companies.
  • After that electronic record for that specific booking is saved on Airlines’ database. The database is integrated with the passenger service system to share real time information. The e-ticket is then texted or emailed to customer.

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