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Accessone Blog The Airline Reservation System is a web-based Airline booking engine that is used to conduct flight bookings. It involves Airline schedules, fare tariffs, passenger reservations, and PNRs. In simple terms, the Airline booking system helps passengers book flights by checking flights- schedules, pricing/fares, and seat availability.

Are you aware of the reality of a free travel API?

23. January 2020 17:26 by Administrator in Travel API

The need to avoid the trap of free travel API & Select the right one

In the era of fast-growing technology, making the right selection of travel API is paramount for any travel business. Travel companies like to offer a wide range of options on their portals, therefore they need to integrate suitable flight API or Hotel API on their portals. The third-party API integrations can affect their business to a large extent by opening a path to all significant flight or hotel information. Here, we will discuss the reality of free travel APIs, the importance of integrating the best travel API, its benefits and more.

The truth behind a free travel API

Generally, travel start-ups look for a free trial travel API for their website or they look for a low budget travel API. However, understanding the truth behind integrating a free travel API is important.

There is no such thing as a free flight API or free hotel API. Travel companies need to pay for it either in the form of a shared fee, distribution fee, or some other fee. If you have heard of something like free travel API, you would certainly come to know that such APIs come with lots of limitations. For instance, some of them may have higher fares for flights, hotels; or, some might have limited concurrent transactions or some might not be available for commercial use.

Importance of integrating the right travel API over a free travel API

Instead of wasting time in using free travel API or spending money on direct GDS integration on travel portals, many travel companies like to get third party APIs, which are available at moderate rates. This may provide them flight inventory having the best deals from all major GDSs(SabreAmadeus, and Travelport). In this way, travel companies can search, compare, book, and issue flight tickets by covering 500+ airlines using a single flight API. Besides this, there is a larger scope for monetary savings as well. Integrating the best flight API avoids the need for multiple API integrations on their travel portals and can save a lot of time.

7 benefits of integrating the next generation travel API

Instead of falling under the trap of a free trial travel API for a website, paying a moderate amount for the best travel API can be a smarter choice. We are presenting below the benefits of integrating the best-advanced travel APIs.

  • The advance travel APIs help travel companies compete well in the market as they bring the best flight fares or hotel rates.
  • Saves time by reducing the integration time.
  • Fast and easy access to both domestic and international airfares for various airlines.
  • Agencies can easily integrate their own suppliers as well.
  • This cost-effective solution drives business growth and brings a competitive advantage.
  • The availability of a wide range of fares at one place brings customer satisfaction.
  • Direct GDS integration is quite expensive and time-consuming. An advanced travel API brings content from all major GDSs, wholesalers, direct-connects, and aggregators.

10 Features of an advanced travel API

  • Uninterrupted Connectivity
  • Easy setup and implementation
  • Real-time flight or hotel booking
  • Seamless integration with third party applications
  • Access to remote database
  • Eliminate unwanted expenses
  • Easy to amend and update content
  • User-friendly interface
  • Completely Secure
  • Less chances of human errors


Does your technology partner provide support for travel API integration?

When you plan to get a flight or hotel API for your business, make sure if your travel technology partner provides proper documentation. It can simplify the integration process and can save a lot of time. AccessOne is a trusted technology platform that provides you the proper documentation support.

Are you ready to reap benefits from advanced travel API?

AccessOne platform provides you an advanced API to bring an innovative change to your travel business. With the integrated set of travel APIs from a standard list of suppliers, including all major GDSs and other suppliers, it brings you the best available deals.

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